You can’t make it alone in Formula 1 world. Every driver has a team behind him.



F1 powerboating is no individual sport, even if the drivers is alone in the boat. A wide range of professionals builds up the success with the driver.



Every team member is a hard-core professional and has earned the trust to be a part of the team. 


G1llman Racing Team

Behind every F1 driver and boat works a big group of professionals. Builders, mechanics, engineers, propeller experts and marketing professionals are all important parts of a powerboat racing team. Filip races in F1H2O U.I.M World Championship in the Italian based Gillman Racing Team.

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A dozen set of people spins around a F1 Powerboat during a Gran Prix week. Every member of the group has their own specific mission. Building up the pit and the boat starts about a week before the Grand Prix.


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